Are you tired of your duties as a weekend warrior?

After a long week at work, you are looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.
Instead you are faced with battling weeds and overgrown hedges! A garden is a special place. It is your oasis from the daily grind. A place you escape and enjoy a nice summer BBQ with family or friends. Relax with a refreshing drink while listening to the symphony of birds and honey bees as they enjoy the sweet nectar of the beautiful flower beds that adorn your garden. Your garden is full of memories and it means good times!

At E.H. Gardening Services, we understand this and every garden is unique. So we treat each lawn as if it was our own property! Your garden is our passion and we will spend the time and effort, so that when you come home, from that long week at work, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the gorgeous view!